Refinishing Diningroom Sets

Refinish your Dining room set

Refinishing your Dining room set is a great idea because a Dining set is a major expense and fills such an important roll in the home. There are as many kinds and styles of dining groups as you could possibly think of., Dining room sets In the style of Thomas Chippendale, Duncan Fyfe, and Sheridan as well, just to name a few, but whatever the design By far the most common would be the Classic wooden Dining room set consisting of a Table 6 chairs China cabinet, buffet and sometimes a server .

Wood is a renewable,valuable resource

Wood is a renewable,valuable resource that has been used for thousands of years and continues to be a great choice so, that is the material we will be focusing on today.
Of the multiple millions of Dining room sets currently in use today, tens of thousands will be discarded for no better reason than their owners don't know what to do to keep them in good condition. In days gone by the idea of tossing otherwise good stuff just because of a little wear was considered a waste. Thankfully today there has been a trend toward better stewardship, most people understand the silliness of the disposable mindset of the eighties and nineties.

When your furniture turns ugly, Refinish it.

When a good set of Dining room furniture begins to show wear and the finish turns ugly, there is a way the worn finish is removed and a fresh finish can be reapplied, this is what we mean when we talk about refinishing. The shades of finish colors and sheens are endless. Through refinishing, your Dining room sets take on the appearance of brand new different Dining room sets, unrecognizable to most people as the old pieces. For example, in 1965, the use of early American decor called for an extremely orange color that was almost always found on maple Dining room sets. The Early American color became so identified with that period that when that phase passed, nobody wanted those old orange maple Dining room sets any more, we refinished hundreds of them to a more acceptable hue.

Then again around 1974 pine furniture came along with that really dark finish, most people never even noticed that the same Dining room sets sold in the sixties were now being finished in a tone more in keeping with the design trend of the day and millions of Dining room sets were sold with almost no design change, the only real difference was the color. Again in the late eighties the trend toward Cherry reached full effect and furniture colors changed again.

So it's understandable, when you have an otherwise good Dining room set and it gets a little bit worn, you should to consider refinishing it.

Before you buy new furniture, consider Refinishing.

It's true that great Dining room sets are available at finer stores today “they even have 60 month financing available”, but the Older Dining room sets usually offer better wood, good quality joints and workmanship of a higher level than most made today, so think twice before you decide to shell out your hard earned money for new furniture, and you too can enjoy a better quality Dining room set for a lot less money than you thought Possible.

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