Furniture Repair, what you don't know can...Hurt you.

Furniture Repair

If you have an investment in Quality furniture pieces either Antique or modern, and want to keep them in excellent condition, Read on...

Furniture Repair, Is It Art, Or Is It Science?

Furniture repair is partly art, and part science and history blended with a passion for conservation. Our skilled furniture Restorers evaluate furniture using their senses and historic understanding, to produce a plan of repair which will give both a sturdy result for your furniture, and follow the original intent of the designer. It Requires a high level of commitment, study and sharpening of the skills of the furniture restorer's craft. Times change and so do manufacturing systems and processes. The one thing that remains constant despite advancements in technology is Craftsmanship.

Take A Tip From The Antiques Road Show.

Remember the episode of the antiques road show where the Keno Brothers feature a wonderful furniture item? I love those guys, they always provide an entertaining and educational explanation of the history, maker,age and potential value of a piece, then all too often... the bad news. Were it not for the unprofessional repair job, the Chair or desk or whatever furniture item currently being discussed, would be much, much more valuable than it is now.

Well Conceived And Well Executed Is The Key!
If you notice, they never say that proper Furniture repair, restoration or even refinishing is a problem when well conceived and well executed, but when it’s bad… it is always a detraction.

The Rules Of Good Furniture Repair.
Most of us don’t have original Thomas Chippendale furniture or other museum quality items, we might, but even if we don’t, the basic rules are the same,"do no harm" Good Furniture repairing, takes time and knowledge, and should always be done in such a way as to not compromise the item, and should be reversible.
A skilled Furniture repairman must be a sort of furniture historian as well as a great Woodworker
Improper Repairs Damage Furniture!
Think only very old and valuable Antiques are the only furniture items at risk? Think again! Recently, a guest at our shop had a really great Eames Chair which was a family heirloom which he now owns and is proud of. After some explanation about the provenance of the chair and his desire regarding it’s future he decided to share that he had been to other furniture restoration shops before Discovering Gramco.

What He Told Me Next Was Beyond Belief.

While talking about the repair project at an other shop he visited, the shop keeper confidently affirmed that he had repaired several Eames chairs before, But admitted the only way He had found to repair the chair so it would hold up, was to drill holes in them and install bolts through the formed rosewood arms where the come together with the seat, Bad Bad Idea!

The Salvation Of A Valuable Chair!

Needless to say, He Took his chair and left to continue his research. We’re Glad He found The Gramco Furniture Restoration Co. because the chair will continue to be as lovely as it ever was , and quite usable too. We Guarantee it.

Victims Of Bad Repairs?

What about those other people who didn’t know better, who now have bolts through their Vintage chairs where there should be none? Well, the important chair that was once worth Thousands of dollars no longer is. Ill conceived repairs have diminished value by as much as 70%.
If you are one of the unlucky souls with bolts in the arms of your Eames Chair?...We can fix that for around $700.00.

Get Help With Furniture Repairs .

At Gramco, we help people with furniture repairs, even when they have previously been done poorly at home or elsewhere, because Bad repairs, are simply Bad, They do not hold up well and when they fail, they are much more difficult to repair the second time around than if done right in the first place, and of course bad furniture repairs diminish value of fine furniture, art objects and antiques.

Share Your Furniture Repair Concerns With Us.

When your important furniture is in need of repair, a little time spent with Gramco now will save a lot of Grief later, We would be pleased to chat with you about it.