Refinishing water damaged furniture

The Gramco furniture refinishing company Has been hard at work Since 1964, Changing the Face of the Furniture refinishing business in Southeast Michigan.
For nearly 45 years, the Gramco furniture refinishing company Has been fine tuning the craft of water damaged furniture refinishing, restoration and repair. We employ a long list of special processes which we apply specifically to water damaged Furniture Some are proprietary , and some are just common sense but all are specifically and systematically applied.

Our time tested process which begins with Hello, and follows through to the day we return your Refinished Furniture back to you minus the water damage, but with the beautiful fit, finish and function Gramco’s clients clients have come to rely on.
We know Quality is more than skin deep, that’s why the refinishing of your Furniture at Gramco goes a lot deeper than the surface and involves levels of work and quality standards that you would never know about unless you were in the refinishing studio throughout the process.

Flooding & water damage impacts furniture

in unseen ways.
Simple but important things like the thorough inspection of the major joinery of your furniture makes sure your water damaged furniture is as sturdy after the flood as it was before, sometimes more so. Close inspection of the drawers and their sliding system to assure proper smooth functioning and ease of use. Attention to be sure the entire drawer should be inspected, not just the front. But Inside the drawer should be smooth and pleasing to the senses.
Today refinishers, in an effort to maximize profits see no need to inspect where the wood is not finished,”like under the table top, or inside of the base cabinets” but at Gramco we do! It’s a vital detail that helps furniture handle humidity changes better, and any wood worker will tell you, swings in humidity can be a real stressor on wood furniture.

Drying and refinishing

Another benefit of our,properly refinish all furniture surfaces policy is in the way it makes your Refinished Furniture look better , it is one of the little things that just adds to te over all look and feel, in short,“ The Quality”. Most of the time you will never see the back of your furniture, the under side of your table, the insides or under the drawers because it’s out of sight, but when you do it should be pleasing.
Of course the Brass work for case pieces require special treatment because after all, it’s like jewelry for your furniture
In this writing, We have just barely touched on the detail involved in the restoration and refinishing of flood/ water damaged furniture at Gramco.
We’ve said nothing of the personal service before we begin, through out the process and for the life of your Furniture furniture once you are a part of Gramco’s mission to beautify and sustain Great furniture.

We are furniture experts.

Specify GRAMCO Furniture Restoration Co.
We leave the dry wall and carpet to the pro's in those areas because that is their speciality. How much more should you insist your prized furniture is handled by a specialist and not a general practitioner, it is your right to specify GRAMCO Furniture Restoration Co. We are looking forward to working with you or your general contractor "We have serviced almost every one of the major restoration firms in the Southeast Michigan Area since 1964, and will be glad to work with whom ever your General is * " to make your water damaged furniture Refinishing project, and your home more beautiful.

Furniture restoration consultation

Feel free to call Me, to chat personally about any thing you would like to know about how our dedicated staff treat fine furniture damaged by age smoke, water, vandalism or any other unforseen circumstances.

John VerHines

* Subject to quality review of the firm